With recent developments that the mobile phone industry is going through, fast charging is becoming one of the important features people look into while buying a new phone. Xiaomi is all set to bring a revolution with the announcement of their new fast charging tech – Xi7aomi 100W Supercharge Turbo. Xiaomi’s devices currently support 27W charging but there is no 27W charger supplied by the brand within the box with any device.

The industry leading fast charging tech is currently offered by OPPO, which is known as OPPO SuperVOOC. It charges the phone at 10V/5A which is considerably fast.

Xiaomi’s brand president Mr. Lin Bin shared a video post on Weibo teasing the 100W Supercharge Turbo tech. The video shows a comparison between the new Xiaomi 100W (20V/5A) charger and the current best OPPO 50W(10V/5A) charger.

Xiaomi’s 100W charger charges a 4000mAH battery and OPPO’s 50W charger charges a 3700mAH battery. Still Xiaomi manages to reach 100% within just 17 mins which is blazing fast, whereas OPPO is still at 65%.

It will be interesting to see how Xiaomi implements this tech in its products. Many questions such as –
What will be the price for this charger?
Which devices will support this tech?
Will it be supplied within tha box with any device, or will it be available for purchase as an accessory?
Still remain unanswered.