Modern smart devices use a number of technologies to connect to each other. Being it WiFi, NFC or Bluetooth. Though the use of Bluetooth for sharing files among devices is negligible these days, it is still a very popular medium for streaming content and data among devices and that’s the reason Bluetooth is still so popular. Smartbands, smartwatches, Bluetooth earphones and headphones (including the true wireless ones), wireless keyboards and mice use Bluetooth as a medium to stream data and content from the source (for eg : smartphones).

Today the latest version of Bluetooth is Bluetooth 5.0. It is the most advance Bluetooth version till date. A newer version doesn’t just mean an upgrade in the version number, but also means a host of new and improved features. Some of them are listed below:

Multiple connections at the same time :

The newest version of Bluetooth has an amazing and the most needed feature added to the list of features, i.e, you can connect your streaming device to one or more Bluetooth devices. For eg : you can stream audio / music to 2 different Bluetooth earphones / headphones or 2 different speakers at the same time and play same or different songs on each of them through your smartphone. Not only this but, you can also control their volume individually from the same streaming device (smartphone).

Better connectivity & Speed :

Bluetooth 5.0 brings in better connectivity and better speeds compared to the previous versions of Bluetooth.
The newest version has 4 times the range compared to older versions (Upto 240 mts).
The newest version has 8 times the broadcasting capacity compared to older versions.
The newest version has 2 times the speed compared to older versions (Upto 2Mbps).

Power efficient :

Bluetooth devices that work on Bluetooth version 4.0 and above come with three types of standards, Low energy or Classic or both. Classic is more power consuming, whereas Low energy is a power efficient standard. One of the best improvements in the features of Bluetooth with Bluetooth 5.0 is the Bluetooth low energy. Bluetooth low energy enables the devices which do not have to send or receive data continuosly to either enter power saving mode or even turn off in some cases. This does save power. Smart devices like smart bands and smart watches provide upto 1 month of battery backup this days.

All the above features can be enjoyed using devices that support Bluetooth 5.0 at a very power efficient manner. Meaning you get better experience at a loss of lesser power compared to previous versions.

However, in order to enjoy all the features you need Bluetooth 5.0 supported devices on both the ends. Though you can still use the devices if one end of your devices supports a lower Bluetooth version as they do not become incompatible. Yet if you get hands on Bluetooth 5.0 devices, than it is going to be a truly better experience than the previous versions of Bluetooth.

Recent smartphones (atleast the premium ones) and the newly launched Bluetooth smart devices are launched with Bluetooth 5.0.