Sennheiser CX213 is one of the best budget range earphones offered by the german audio equipment manufacturer. This amazing earphones are a canal phone style earphones. They are wired and have a 3.5mm jack at one end. The cable is measured 1.2M long.

The impedance is of 16 Ω. The audio frequency response ranges from 25Hz-20KHz. They are available in blue, white, grey and pink.

Pros :

1. Adequate bass. ( Not bass heavy earphones. But, they do justice to the songs played)

2. Quite loud. There is no doubt about how this earphones can go.

3. Does justice to the mids and lows in the songs.

4. Decent amount of noise isolation.

5. Stereo surround sound.

6. Great earphones at a budget price.

7. You get 2 extra pairs of ear tips in the package.

8. You get 2 years warranty with this pair of earphones.

9. Finger contoured Housing design for better grip while inserting the earphones into the ear canals.

Cons :

1. No microphone.

2. Cable feels sturdy and well built. But, we would recommend to handle these with care as it is not a braided cable.

3. Listening to heavy metal songs for a long time can be a little headachy.

Verdict :

Would we recommend the Sennheiser CX213?

The answer is yes, if you are okay with the absence of microphone (you can always use the microphone of your mobile device) and you use these only for music. One of the best earphones in their price range for listening to music.