Image posted by twitter handle @XiaomiIndia

Xiaomi is a Chinese tech giant known for providing great specs combined with an aggressive pricing. India is a great market for Xiaomi. It is also currently the India’s no.1 smartphone brand after have overtaken Samsung. Nowadays they have also expanded in the Europe.

Xiaomi recently set a new record by opening 500 stores at a go in India. Xiaomi already has many stores in India and even some large stores in Bangalore etc.

But this time they opened 500 stores at once. These stores are located in various cities in India. The event took place on 29th of October, 2018 and @XiaomiIndia tweeted later on stating the fact on 20th November, 2018.

This was achieved as a part of Xiaomi’s expansion strategy, which is to open more and more stores in India and provide flagship experience to customers. Xiaomi plans to open 5000 Mi stores across India by the end of 2019. This would generate 15,000 plus jobs.

This is not the first Guinness World Record held by Xiaomi. Earlier this year it achieved a world record by creating the biggest logo using mosaic light. Xiaomi is not settling and continuing such streak of creating world records.

What do you guys think would be their next record?