Nowadays as the our mobile devices are getting more and more expensive, it is very important to take care of them in a way that they don’t accidentally fall and get dents and scratches. We today would review a 360 protective case which comes from a brand named “Golden Sand”. We bought it for our Asus Zenfone 5Z.

Golden sand as we know makes some of the best cases for our phones when it comes to providing quality products and great protection to our phones.

Pros :
1. Provides accidental fall protection to the edges. (Our device did fall twice and there were no dents or scratches on the edges, even the rear glass was not damaged)
2. If your mobile phone model has a camera hump, it covers the camera lens and protects it from scratches. The edges are slighlty raised here to protect the camera lens.
3. The edges on the front are slighlty raised to provide slight protection to the screen.
4. Good quality product with great build and finish, it feels premium.
5. Flexible case and not a rigid one, so easy to apply and remove the case. (Wont scratch your phone while applying or removing it, which is in cases of hard cases)
6. Fits perfectly on phones and provides a good grip.

Cons :
1. Makes your phone bulky and it tends to be on a heavier side.
2. A bit on the expensive side.
3. Many people may not find it so attractive. (Again it is about personal preference, as we here at alloydroid personally like the carbon fibre back designs)

Verdict :
Would we recommend Golden sand cases?
The answer is yes, if you are okay with a bulky phone and protecting your phone is your priority, than go ahead and buy it.

Below are the best buy links for purchasing the golden sand cases :

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Asus Zenfone 5Z
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